• Icom 756 Pro II  
  • LT2S MKII transverter
  • 1KW PA with TH347 Power amplifier for EME
  • Back up amp YL1050
  • 4x10elem M2XP20 antenna (Full elevation) 10m AGL and 55m ASL
  • PA3BIY Preamplifier (homemade)
  • WSE Converters for Linrad (Used for EME)
  • Playing with combining 4 Harris Platinium TV amplifiers for EME

1296 MHz

  • Icom 756 Pro II
  • 1KW PA with YL1050 homemade
  • Driver 2C39 N6CA Cavity 100W
  • DB6NT transverter MK2
  • No antenna at the moment


  • Icom 756 Pro II
  • DB6NT MK2 transverter
  • 500W NEC TWT Linear amplifier
  • 2,4M offset dish andrew

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